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Measures 200x80x22cm

urban nomad seating element 200x80

Manufacturer: HANNABI
Model: SUN10100
Expected delivery: September 09, 2024
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urban nomad seating element 200x80 light grey
light grey
EUR 1,155


The first version of the BOX HYPERACTIVE sofa system is the URBAN NOMAD combination that was designed for first-time home buyers, for those who move often, who live in little flats or who like to be close to the ground. URBAN NOMAD allows for easy variability particularly if living space is at a premium. The four basic elements can be used for sleeping, lounging, having meals on and more - all with the size of a little couch.
The mobile back-rest provides stable support while the two sides allow for multiple positions. The URBAN NOMAD is not just flexible, it is also very high quality, made with traditional hardwood frames, high quality raw materials and durable textiles therefore, the sofa system is perfectly suitable for the smallest members of the family and for the four-legged-friends.

Stress-resistant polyurethane foam in varied densities and polyester on hardwood frame, wawe springs.

Width: 200 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Height: 2s cm

Measures 200x80x22cm