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NANA red

NANA red

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Model: RNA05000
Manufacturer: HANNABI
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NANA 195 red
EUR 1,099
NANA 225 red
EUR 1,492
NANA 240 red
EUR 1,697


NANA carpet

In five years of existence our company became known of its sophisticated, delicate and snug home furnishings. We created a unique carpet collection for our birthday that carries the Hannabi philosophy in every tiny detail of it. The collection was made with a family-run manufactory from Southern Hungary – with this we want to draw the attention again to the values of the Hungarian light industry and to the need of support in this sector.

Our hand woven carpets are made in a little family-run manufactory from Southern Hungary. The material is pure wool and jute. One third of the weight of the pure wool staple is water that deflates during drying as the air transpires so it breathes with the surrounding environment. It is very easy to clean. The ageless design comes from the unique look of the items laid next to each other that reflects on the scale of the Japanese tatami mats.  Thanks to the high quality it can be a life-long choice. 

100% wool

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